Abbreviations used in crossword answers

abbr abbreviation p past tense
act actor/ actress pl plural
auth author playwr playwright
char character poet poetic
coll colloquial pref prefix
comb combining form pres president
dir director sing singer
her heraldry sl slang
mus music/ musician suff suffix
opp opposite vp vice president

Annotations such as: (after), (before), (ending), (lead-in) to be found in some of the crossword answers

At the end of some  answers you may find (after), (before), (ending) or (lead-in). Here are some examples: 

Clue Keyword Find Answer
After box BOX (after) 3-CAR
------ house HOUSE (before) 4-FULL
Can follower CAN (ending) 3-DOR
Pay stub PAY (ending) 3-OLA
Able lead-in ABLE (lead-in) 3-DIS

Search for an answer for a crossword puzzle clue

In the Search page type-in a word that is the clue or is part of the clue. For example for "Zero" type-in "zero", for "Polluted air" type-in "air", for "Novelist Kingsley" type-in "kingsley", for "Give the green light" type-in "light". Then click on SearchCrossword solver  will attempt to find that word.

Display of the answer for a crossword puzzle clue

The answer screen displays the word you typed-in RED. The answers are in CAPS and are preceded by a number. 

One word entry for a crossword puzzle clue

A search is made on a one word entry. If you type "New York" the answer displays all the composite words starting with "new". Scroll down until you find the best choice e.g. "New York"  or "New York City". The word you type is not character sensitive. You can type "new" or "New" or "NEW". Each enrty will be recognized and the result will be the same.

Special characters in a crossword puzzle clue

Special  characters are not included in the words listed in the crossword solver. For example, when you type-in "O'Brien" (apostrophe) the answer will show "Obrien", "to-do" (dash) the answer will show "todo", "ob/gyn" (backward slash) the answer will show "obgyn".

Colors displayed in the answer for a crossword puzzle clue 

The answer screen displays the word typed in RED, the answers in BLUE. Words in purple are qualifiers.

Numbers preceding an answer word

Each ANSWER  is preceded by a number. The number indicates the number of letters in that word. There are no numbers for proper names, for expressions and titles (with the exception of old names relating to Biblical times and mythology).

Numbers in a crossword puzzle clue

When the clue you want to search for is a number, answers can be found by typing the word (for example to find 400, enter "fourhundred"). When you type-in "four hundred" the answer screen will show "four".

Dash before or after a qualifier

The dash represents the WORD you entered. Sometimes the dash is appended with an "-s".  This indicates the plural form, or it may be appended by an "-s (apostrophe s)", which indicates a genitive.

Order of answers for a crossword puzzle clue

The answers for a word are listed in alphabetical order within word length. Some of the answers may group several distinct words or letters. For example "A to Z" is shown as "ATOZ".

Crossword puzzle clue with more than one word

If a clue consists of two words. Select the word which appears to be the more specific of the two. For example "Campus dig". You may select "dig" as the word. Type "dig". In the answer screen  scroll down to find "campus - 4-DORM". The available answer is "DORM" - The dash after "campus" stands for the word you entered, "DIG".

If a clue consists of three words or more. Select  the one that appears to be the most significant. For example, for "Nine day devotion" you may select "devotion" as the entry.  In the answer column scroll down to "nine day -".  You will find the line "nine day - 6-NOVENA". The available answer is "NOVENA" - The dash after "nine day -" stands for the word you entered, "DEVOTION". 

Multiple answers for  a crossword puzzle clue 

In some cases there there are multiple answers for a word. For instance if you type-in  "Ian" the answer column shows a  list of names. However if you type-in  "king" you will see a long list of  kings before you reach "KING ALAN (comedian)".

Word not found

When the word you typed is not found the answer screen  will show one or more words which are approximate matches for the crossword clue word you typed-in.

Occupations / Professions in crossword puzzles

There are words that display a list of names in that category. Scroll down  to find the answer you need. Some examples are: anagram, architect, author, aviator, baseball, basketball, composer, conductor, designer, detective, explorer, fashion, football, golfer, hockey, host, inventor, Oscar, painter, photographer, physicist, playwright, poet, president, prime (minister), rock, senator, skater, soprano, statesman,  tennis, tenor, violinist.

Related words in  a crossword puzzle clue

In some cases the answer screen will show words in brackets. These words are not synonyms of the word you entered but are related to it. Here are some examples.

Clue Keyword Answer
As a bear can be BEAR 5-(POLAR)
India for one INDIA 3-(INK)
It might be cracked CRACKED 4-(SAFE)
It's sometimes busy BUSY 4-(LINE)
Kind of culture CULTURE 4-(AGRI)
Like certain judges JUDGE 5-(ROBED)
Like most movies MOVIE 5-(RATED)
Some arias ARIA 4-(DUET)
Spare in a way SPARE 4-(TIRE)
Word with days DAY 5-(SALAD)


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