Cwords, Inc. is a US Corporation founded in 1991. Since inception we have pursued the utopian and elusive goal to provide answers to Crossword Puzzles published in the United States.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide as many answers to current clues posed in crosswords puzzles across the nation as possible. This is a never-ending task since there are an infinite number of word combinations present in everyday crossword puzzles. We do not attempt to give all the answers. We strive to present as many as we possibly can. We have a staff of dedicated people who are fans of this game and contribute to their fullest ability.

Company Information

Cwords, Inc. express goal is providing Crossword answers to as many people as possible. The table of answers is updated on a continuous basis. This work has not been printed nor distributed in hard copy. It is intended  to be an "on-line" service.


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